2009 Fishing Tournament

Big Bass 5.44 lbs.
Number of Boats in Tournament 295
Number of Boats Weighing Fish 154
Number of Fish Weighed 601
Total Weight of Fish Weighed 1,314 lbs.
Total Money Raised from 2009 Tournament $14,200
Total Money Raised since 1989 Approx. $275,000

The National Fish Hatchery at Mammoth Springs, Ar. assisted the tournament by releasing the fish that were weighed in. They had aerated tanks with oxygen in them that helped revive the fish. This was a valuable asset to the tournament since one goal is to release the fish alive.

Special thanks to BassCat Boats for the donation of the Phelix BassCat Boat and Mercury motor given to 1st place and to the others who donated either their time, merchandise or monetarily to the tournament.

1st Kyle Pressley, Harrison, Ar
Justin Yarbrough, Harrison, Ar
15.50 BassCat boat & $2,000
2nd Fred Hale, West Plains, Mo
Waco Johnson, West Plains, Mo
15.15 $1,000
3rd John T. Fink, St. Louis, Mo
Bryan Fink, St. Louis, Mo
15.14 $675
4th Larry Graddy, Harrison, Ar
Troy, Lackey, Yellville, Ar
14.71 $475
5th Gerald Williams, Corning Ar
Dennis Cate, Corning, Ar
14.46 $400
6th Roger Potter, Flippin, Ar
Drake Potter, Gainesville, Mo
14.45 $300
7th Earl Garrison IV, Bull Shoals, Ar
Daniel Liles, Mountain Home, Ar
14.40 $250
8th Tim E. McDaniel, Willow Springs, Mo
Cody McDaniel, Brookline, Mo
14.14 $225
9th Link Humphries, Salem, Ar
Randy Zeigler, Glencoe, Ar
14.04 $200
10th Danny Holmes, Gainesville, Mo
Jared Hambelton, Gainesville, Mo
13.98 $175
Big Bass Danny Holmes, Gainesville, Mo
Jared Hambelton, Gainesville, Mo
5.44 $1,085


Our Volunteers (Thank you for all your work!)

The Morning of the Tournament

Weighing in the the prize!